The Poopie saga



This is for my friend pikapetey


That is all.

>Stops what he is doing, looks down at his bagle sandwhich.

Someone has summoned me.

> disapears in a puff of smoke.


I didn’t want to upload it until I finished the intro mock animation for PikaPikaSpoon! but I’m taking too long and I’ve been distracted by Desdemona for a while now xD.  Spoon-chan is going to be redesigned again until her angles make sense.



I didn’t want to upload it until I finished the intro mock animation for PikaPikaSpoon! but I’m taking too long and I’ve been distracted by Desdemona for a while now xD.  Spoon-chan is going to be redesigned again until her angles make sense.


This next post is for my friend.


I know what you mean Petey, my uncle kind of has the same issue, everything is about him and never bothers to ask/help anyone else when they need it. But I get the impression you already know how much he's being a pain to you, regardless of what other people think, if he truly doesn't respect others than it's obvious he's just being a bastard about it. I won't pretend to know the whole story but please know, you are important and you are a great person. Don't let anyone say otherwise. <3

Petey’s tips for a happier life and being nice: 

  1. -Don’t hold grudges
  2. -get your emotions under control, for they will cloud your perceptions
  3. -realize that everyone can be irrational, and emotionally charged. Everyday is a new day, forgive and forget, but don’t become naive. 
  4. -Everyone lives life differently, you have no right to tell them what they can and cannot do. Just the same as they can’t tell you what to do.
  5. -Communicate face to face with people. Talk to them, do not rely on text.  No body knows what you are feeling at the moment. So communicate your feelings in a respectable manner. “Hey buddy, that thing you just did. It got on my nerves a bit and made me a little frustrated. I was letting you know for next time if you could keep that in mind.”
  6. - Do not complain, Do not compare yourself, and DO NOT talk about people behind their back.  
  7. -Work hard and Smart.  Always overachieve expectations and realize there is more to learn. 
  8. -Failure is inevitable. It is far easier to accept failure, tell other’s you’ve failed, and laugh with it. Than it is to advoid failure.
  9. -Find a way to make people laugh.  If there is a serious talk going on, find a way to make the mood more lighthearted by turning words around into a joke.  Then show you’re serious again. It lightens the mood and people are more open to hear what you have to say. 
  10. -Find out what people want, surprise them, help them. 
  11. -People want to help others.  Allow people to do things for you, small things, like getting coffee or picking up something you just dropped. When they complete the task, overwhelmingly praise them.  They will feel really good inside for helping out someone else. 
  12. -MOST IMPORTANT RULE: realize you are human and don’t get hung up if you slip up on this list. It’s ok. 

My roommate breaks all of these.  He is rather miserable all the time and he does it to himself. (i’ve told him entire list) but going by rule number 4, it’s his choice to live like that and, 1 & 3 tell me not to worry, but not to trust him much further. 

Hey! I know your roommate irl & I know he's a complete and utter asshole, but I think still to be the better person you should try hashing it out with him first, especially with the kitchen thing. I know my roommates make the kitchen a mess and it drives me nuts because I feel like I'm cleaning constantly, but after I've talked to them they started picking up after themselves more. yeah you're roommates a jerk just because he's got a terrible personality in general, but two wrongs and a right.

Ive talked to him tonight and he said nothing but.
“I do it this way you’re the lazy one. Everyone I meet is lazy/asshole/[insert lable here]”

He has no regard for feelings and blames everything on everyone.

"It always ends up this way!" He yells "I never can find any competent people in this world! Pisses me off!"

"are you sure you’re not the one causing your own destruction?" I ask


he is cancer, I think its about time I remove this tumor from my life.

*whine…whine….howl! *

"SANDIE SHUSH!! Im just pooping!"

*nose appears under door*


Preview video of Disney short film “Feast” directed by Patrick Osborne (head animator on Paperman).

My god this is adorbs!!

Personal matters should stay personal and private. Making people agree with you won't change a single thing, if he's an asshole or not, it won't change anything. You're literally linking people to his tumblr and giving his name out to the public. I dunno if you have realized it, but you have a certain amount of people who looks up to you. When peeps look up to other peeps they tend to do things, mean things to that certain person that they look up to don't agree with. Think about that.

fine.. I deleted the post. 

This has been a battle that has been going on for months. 

And no, I don’t realize how many people look up to me. I don’t know ANYONE would.  From my perspective, I don’t do anything inspiring or have anything empowering to say. 
I get too passionate about helping others it crosses the line into bullying.

and That’s not a good trait to have. 

 I was trying to have my roommate see that only thinking of himself all the time is a bad thing.   Every conversation is about him, and what he’s doing/selling/plans to sell/future plans/his personal views/ect.

My doctor says I have hypertension, and I need to “slow the fuck down” 

Are you a pikachu too?


SOMETIMES. I draw myself as a lot of things ahaha. If I’m drawing myself as a pokemon then YES I’m a PIKACHU! :3

I thought you’d draw your response…. :(


And tonights challenge is…That tumor infected bread from TF2! Actually, the topic for this didn’t explicitly mention pony, so what THAT means, is that mixing this with ponies is entirely optional! 

Well, have fun! The clock starts now!


Any advice on animating a mane or fabric settling after a movement? I've been struggling with this for weeks, and GAH *throws tablet*

I have never animated the cloth before but this is how I would work to understand it.


You can use balls to help animate the wave motions.


This is why you should know how to animate a ball before tackling more complex animation.

it’s THAT important.


Hey! How about some vodka? :3


you will lose….

Psssssst petey, I just wanna say you're incredibly inspirational, a fantastic creator, and the fact that you give genuinely useful advise is incredibly appreciated. Keep it up boyo, I look forward to your future creations and sass c;


why do you people like this?! I feel so guilty!
this blog is my crap art..

I’m wasting time by not animating when im on here….